It is becoming increasingly difficult for a computer user to simply use his or her computer without worrying about viruses, malware and spyware.


Such malicious codes creep into the computer’s internals during website visits and downloads. Once one of these malicious codes creeps into the computer system, it becomes a nuisance. The level of devastation that malware and viruses bring depends on its type. Spyware is dangerous because it tracks the victim’s personal information and uses it to harm the individual. Adware is annoying because it forces ads onto a person’s computer. Other viruses and malware intend to destroy the entire computer. Successful viruses render the target computer useless.

Malware Removal Services

Do You Think You Have a Virus?

You will know if you have a virus or other malware by certain symptoms. You can assume that you have a virus if you notice that your computer is:

  • Taking a long time to load web pages despite your high-speed Internet connection
  • Bombarding you with pop-up ads for products and services you did not request
  • Your home page suddenly changes to a strange URL
  • You receive or miraculously send odd emails
  • Your screen starts flickering or turning blue or black

How to Prevent Viruses From Entering Your Computer

Unlike human viruses, computer viruses will not resolve themselves if you do not take action for Trojan removal. They are pesky invaders that do not leave until you take aggressive spyware removal action against them. You should try to avoid getting viruses in the first place, however. One tip to avoid picking up viruses is to invest in an antivirus program. Antivirus programs are programs that update their databases with the most recent viruses and search your computer for those viruses as according to your instructions. Another way to avoid getting a virus is to avoid downloading files unless you are downloading them from reputable sites. Many viruses come inside of movies, music and other downloadable items that are popular with the masses. Finally, avoid strange websites.


What to Do If You Think You Have a Virus

If you think you have a virus, you can call a reliable computer technician immediately. The virus removal expert can diagnose the problem that you have with your computer and then perform spyware removal, Trojan removal and cleaning services that can restore your computer to it original operational health.

A reliable expert can perform the services for you for a price that will not completely break your wallet. You can most likely schedule a same-day appointment so that you will not be out of a computer when you need it. Contact GIGA Fix today for virus removal and get rid of those pesky e-critters.


If you suspect you have a virus or a malware infection on your computer, Call GIGA Fix specialists. Our computer and laptop repair technicians are pros at isolating and removing viral and other infections and will make sure your computer and your data are safe and virus free.


Do NOT click on pop-ups that say you have a virus and need to purchase antivirus software. This is a common scam, and entering your private information in the provided form will NOT fix your problem. Call GIGA Fix immediately and let one of our specialists get your computer back on track.