When You Need It Most

Let’s face it, computers can be a daunting experience. Be they for residential, business, educational or scientific applications, they make data storage and processing easier for us all. However, when dealing with a crashed system, glitches or viruses, everything depends on a good data and recovery system.

Backup And Disaster Recovery

That is where GIGA Fix, Computer and Network Solutions outperforms all the competition. Our firm strives to service our client’s computers with real-time, on time, never late solutions to whatever could threaten their daily routine and production.

The GIGA Fix Data And Recovery Mindset

GIGA Fix believes in a full-range, comprehensive data and recovery system to make sure a client is up, running and back to whatever business form they were in before the contrary event took place.

To GIGA Fix, a data and recovery system means more than merely copying a client’s work folder on a little flash drive. Yes, work is copied, but it’s also processed through automatically scheduled backups to secure the last bit of information that was processed by our clients.

Always up to date with the latest data, our clients can rest assured that should anything happen, all will not be lost. At GIGA Fix, we have our clients covered. Yes, our firm has our client’s backs with our backup and recovery system securely in place.

The Stats Are Staggering

With a reported 57 percent of businesses not having any recovery system in place at all, it is no wonder that more than 85 percent go out of business within the first six months of having lost and never recovered their data.

Do not allow your home business, on-site business or even laboratory facilities suffer the consequences of not having a quality data and recovering system ready to kick in case of an eventuality.

GIGA Fix and its staff of IT professionals personally manage all residential, organizational and business-type environments because they have the proven skills to get information, your information, back when problems strike.

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