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Network and online personal security is a very broad subject, most end-users are usually sensitive in the following areas:

Virus – program or application which takes over the computer in the background and undermines the entire system.

Spyware – software that monitors user’s browsing habits covertly and sends the data to a third party.

Trojan Horse – allows unauthorized users to hack the personal computer and make use of its information.


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This service is not a substitute for a real-time protection. It is recommended to install a permanent anti-virus software on your computer.

There are various security measures that can be used

  • Regular updates offered by the operating system.
  • Antivirus software – These programs identify and detect viruses, blocking entry to your computer, erase and correct the infected files.
  • Firewall software –  system for monitoring and blocking unwanted connections through the network the computer is connected to. (Available as a software or a hardware component)
  • Various operating systems include a firewall program with basic capabilities.
  • Various programs to clean spyware and adware.